Custom Seminars

Allen Media Strategies big kahuna Burke Allen can appear at your company or association’s next gathering with an informative, interesting presentation.

Burke Allen is represented by SpeakerMatch

Topics include:

How to turn your book from a great read into a P.R. machine by leveraging who you are, what you know, and what’s in the book into media worthy hooks for increased exposure on television, radio, print and online outlets.

Discover how you can generate direct sales and publicity in a crowded marketplace. Perfect for speakers, authors, doctors, lawyers, real estate professionals and others who would like to become expert guests in the media.

Perfect for programmers and performers (television or radio air talent), Allen Media Strategies can show you how to create moments on the air that make listeners “afraid” to tune out or they will miss something. You will learn the laws of “leveraging” emotions to create winning radio and television.

The winning “recipe” for morning show success.

The 20-step process of evaluating talent. Coaching your personality for optimum performance.

Twenty Money-Making and Talk-Generating ideas.

Master the music and formats and win listeners.

How to create a consistent product to which consumers respond: producing the image of your personality/product in a competitive market.

How to create a dynamic web site that attracts repeat users and generates REAL cash flow.