Burke Allen with Andy Symonds

Allen Media Strategies Director of Fun Burke Allen met up with Ballast Books/Blue Balloon Books CEO Andy Symonds for a tour of their warehouse and distribution facility in West Palm Beach, FL. We’re proud to represent many of their top authors!

Calvin Fisher wins 2023 New England Book Festival

Congratulations to our friend and client Calvin Fisher for winning the 2023 New England Book Festival in the Science Fiction category. His book, Storm Warning, is the 3rd book in the greater Northfield Saga. You can find this book and his other two on Amazon, visit his website, or go to his YouTube channel to watch his content!

Eric Buer appears on EWTN Nightly News

Our friend and client, Retired Marine Corps Aviator Colonel Eric Buer, made an appearance on EWTN Nightly News, where they talked about the Ship attacks near Yemen. He shared what the nature of these attacks is and whether they are having an impact on global trade or the supply chain. You can watch the full interview here: Ships with US Flags Come Under Attack Near Yemen, Houthi Rebels Suspected | EWTN News Nightly.

Joe Coleman’s voice on Aquaman

Our friend and client Joe Coleman, part of Voices of Classic Soul, has an amazing feature on the new Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom trailer. You can watch and listen to it here: Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. on The Parkersburg News and Sentinel

Our friend and client Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. joined The Parkersburg News and Sentinel about visiting the local Parkersburg High School choir last Wednesday. You can read more here: Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. visits Parkersburg High School choir.