Larkin Campbell KCAL TV Los Angeles Interview

Congrats to our client Larkin Campbell, as he’s on KCAL-TV Los Angeles to talk about and hand out his new kids’ book “Halloween Harry-The Werewolf That Wasn’t Scary” with his daughter and co-author Shea; available now at

Kate Boytek LIVE performance on MetroNews Hotline


Congrats to our lovely client Kate Boytek, for her beautiful live cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on Hotline with Dave Weekley!

It may be a quick listen, but you won’t be disappointed by Kate’s very lovely voice!

You can listen to it here.

The Unopened Present 5 Star Review

Congratulations to our client and friend, Richard V. Battle. He received a 5-star review by Reader Views for his newest book, The Unopened Present.

We’re so excited to share as The Unopened Present is an inspiring set of lessons, wisdom, and guidance for anyone needing it.

Give the 5 Star Review a read! “The Unopened Present” by Richard V. Battle

Heather Dugan stars in latest New York Post article

Congrats to our client and friend Heather Dugan on her piece in the New York Post.

In this amazing article, she gives her insight into the new hit show, The Golden Bachelor, and how dating older is more complex than it seems.

Give it a read!

Like the ‘Golden Bachelor,’ I found love at 70: ‘Our love lives don’t have a best-if-used-by date’

Richard V. Battle inspires us in this new podcast apperance

Congrats to Richard V. Battle in joining Leighton B.U. Grey, K.C. on his podcast Grey Matter!

This episode give some inspiration that many of us may need during dark times.

Give it a listen! Richard Battle | Grey Matter (