Before You Go Live: An Aircheck Demo Critique

An Actual Aircheck Demo Critique

An Allen Media Strategies client recently received a thorough critique from our office of an on- air audition demo; this client will then use these notes to improve their on-air presentation. We’ve edited our critique and presented the universally relevant notes below as a general checklist to improve your performance before you go on the air:

  • You need to increase the pacing of your delivery by at least two steps to captivate the listener; a down-tempo delivery will make you sound bored…and the listener will be bored as well.
  • Add some passion to your delivery; be somewhat evangelical in your presentation; think of the SportsCenter hosts on ESPN…they’re passionate about sports and that enthusiasm jumps out in their delivery. Aggressively ‘court’ your listeners.
  • Come up with one unique, compelling topic and get right into it. All your talking points should support that one theme. Make it something that’s unique and compelling to the stations target listener…and you’ll get extra points for something topical/newsworthy and “of the moment”.
  • Be careful not to make your on-air presentation sound like an infomercial for yourself; Your on-air time should instead show you as a catalyst to stimulate listeners by acting as a presenter of interesting entertainment and information. You then direct them to your website or toll-free phone number and sell them there.
  • Be sure not to sound like you’re reading. Think ‘Spontaneous Preparation’. In other words, know what you’re going to say, but make it sound like it’s off the top of your head.
Radio Marketing Tool
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Media and Marketing Weekend Workshop
Several AMS clients have expressed interest in a reasonably priced, intensive weekend workshop/seminar here in the Media Capitol of the World, Washington, DC. The event would include actual radio and TV in-studio, on-camera and telephone interview experience, professional photo shoots, press kit assembly, tours of top media facilities, strategies on how to land, and then maximize interviews and other hands-on learn by doing.

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