Homer Hickam Featured Speaker for West Virginia Association for Justice

Long-time AMS client and best-selling author Homer Hickam is one of the featured speakers for the 60th Annual West Virginia Association for Justice Convention and Seminar on June 7 at Embassy Suites in Charleston, WV.

Homer’s session “We Are Not Afraid: My Personal Observations of America’s Civil Justice System and Lessons Lawyers Can Use” at 11:00 am ET, based on his book We Are Not Afraid will point out how lessons from the book can be applied to our legal practices.  The 50-minute session will  be an extraordinary opportunity to see our justice system from the perspective of a non-lawyer.

“The work being done by trial lawyers so important.  There’s right, and there’s wrong.  It shouldn’t matter if you’re rich or poor–there is always what’s right, what’s correct and what’s fair.  Often, it’s up to our courts and juries to make that decision.  Often, it’s the only place for most people to turn.  Trial lawyers help ensure that people can get justice and get what’s fair. I hope that my session will help attorneys rededicate themselves to that effort and help them see new ways to help West Virginia families”, said Hickam who is looking forward to this speaking opportunity.

Homer Hickam is the bestselling author of 18 books, including his internationally acclaimed memoir Rocket Boys, a New York Times #1 best-seller.   The book was adapted into the popular film, October Sky.  A writer since grade school in Coalwood, West Virginia, Homer is a Vietnam combat veteran and has worked as a coal miner, scuba instructor, paleontologist and NASA engineer.



Speaker at Rotary Club of Rockville, MD – Bill Penoyar

AMS client Bill Penoyar is giving a fascinating talk on his novel, “Surviving Dreamland – Escape from Terror” at Rotary Club of Rockville, MD at Best Western Plus on Thursday, June 7, 2018, at 1:3o pm ET.

Bill Penoyar, an author, and expert on the Middle-East and immigration has worked for the US Agency for International Development in Iraq. As a part of the embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team in Camp Baharia near Anbar, Falluja. Bill heard rumors of Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday Hussein’s activities at the palatial lake resort that was in the area. Surviving Dreamland is a riveting tale inspired by what Bill saw there.

Bill Penoyar has assisted the U.S. reconstruction efforts in the Anbar, Baghdad, Basrah, and Erbil Provinces. He has served as the USAID adviser for the Regional Threat Team, Strategic Operations Directorate, in support of the United States Forces-Iraq J3 Directorate.

Bill’s first-hand narration of his adventurous and daring encounters spanning 30 years and more than 20 countries on assignments as a Foreign Service Officer with USAID are inspirational and have a positivity in them that resonates with everybody.

Coolest Books this Summer!

Newsweek’s 50 coolest books to hang out with this Summer features books written by AMS clients Akbar Ahmed and Dr. Alan Stern!


Honor Flight in Washington DC


Joe Coleman, a Vietnam era veteran and member of the music group “Leonard, Coleman, and Blunt” honored veterans by singing the National Anthem at the Honor Flight in DC, a non-profit organization aimed at getting veterans across the nation to visit Washington DC and the memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifice.

Allen Media Strategies client and founder of the Denver Foundation, Dreama Denver, brought a group of veterans from West Virginia to be a part of Honor Flight. “It’s a blessing to serve these people. It is my ninth year doing this and every year, I feel privileged to be a part of this initiative. The heroic stories some of the veterans share makes every trip memorable for all of us. Loaded with real-life challenges, these stories are packed with bravery, hope, and optimism”.

The veterans traveled from West Virginia in the early hours of the morning, but the fatigue of the journey was replaced by pride as they visited Arlington National Cemetery, the World War II Memorial, Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials. As they walked the streets of DC and saw the World War II Memorial, for some of them it was an experience they had been waiting for. “This is my first time in DC, I feel so happy I finally made it”, said a veteran who served in the Vietnam War.

West Virginia Senators and Congressman acknowledged the service and sacrifice of our veterans as they gathered around the World War II Memorial Fountain.  They joined Allen Media Strategies client Joe Coleman, in singing the National Anthem. Though retired from active duty, these West Virginia veterans joined with veterans from around the country and shared the same energy, enthusiasm, and conviction that keeps our Flag waving today.

Allen Media Strategies is proud to be a part of this initiative to honor and express our thanks to these brave men and women from West Virginia for their service to the nation.


Long-time AMS client Homer Hickam featured in a question on Jeopardy


Congratulations to long-time AMS client Homer Hickam, the best selling author of over 19 books who was a featured in a question recently on the long-running television quiz show Jeopardy. Homer often mentions in his presentation that although he is not Jake Gyllenhaal, he does have his cell phone number and can be bribed!