How Not To Get Asked Back For Free P.R.

One of your goals as a media expert is to make it into the “rolodex” of bookers, so that when a story hits the news that fits into your area of expertise you’ll be contacted and asked to contribute your thoughts. In exchange, you’ll receive a much deserved “plug” for your book, product or service and valuable free exposure on television, radio, print or online outlets at no cost.

Thomas Ricks, author of THE GENERALS received an opportunity like that on the highest rated national cable network (Fox News Channel) and essentially “bit the hand that fed him”. This will almost certainly result in him never being asked back on the network, and also likely caused the segment booker to receive a severe reprimand from their superior for not vetting their guest better. It also caused the author’s segment to be immediately cut short, costing him more very valuable national exposure.

Regardless of your political leanings, attacking the outlet that gives you thousands of dollars worth of free exposure is never a good idea.  If however, it was Mr. Ricks goal to end his relationship with Fox News Channel, he succeeded spectacularly.  Take a look here at what happened here: