Rawn James talks about new book on Ozarks FOX AM

Client Rawn James was featured on Ozarks FOX AM last week to discuss his upcoming book, The Truman Court.

Check out the full interview here! 

Find out more about Rawn and his previous works on his site: https://rawnjames.com/

New Release from David Fisher



Client and longtime writer David Fisher has released his new book, The Executive Order! The political thriller follows a journalist in a near-future United States suffering from the flames of several recent terrorist attacks. While the administration cracks down on the nation’s press, our protagonist finds dirt connecting the slew of terror to the nation’s own President.

David Fisher has written over 20 New York Times Best Selling books over his 40-year career and has worked with a variety of America’s most interesting political figures like Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump.

You can pick up a physical or virtual copy of The Executive order from a variety of popular retailers like AmazonBarnes & NobleAudible, and Google Play.

“Part political thriller, part story of a crusading journalist, David Fisher’s mesmerizing account of an investigation into the aftermath of a coordinated terror attack will haunt your cable news habit forever.” –Dan Abrams, New York Times bestselling author and media entrepreneur

“If you are five-bell alarmed about the impact of Donald Trump’s damage to our democratic system then you must read David Fisher’s new heart-stopping thriller about what comes next: The Executive Order. High drama, savvy political insights, much smarter villains than Trump and an unlikely hero – it has it all.” –James Klurfeld, former political editor, Newsday

If you’d like to learn more about David and his career in writing, visit his Website.

Rawn James Featured on The Conversation Discussion on Increasing the size of the Supreme Court

Catch Rawn’s full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsszG-CK88A

Check out Rawn’s site: https://rawnjames.com/

Bob Malone Releases 10th Album


We’ve enjoyed working with Bob over the course of this album and couldn’t be prouder to finally see it’s release!

You can check out the 11 song album on SpotifyApple Music, and Youtube Music, or you can preorder a vinyl or CD copy of the album from Bob’s Website.

“Malone possesses a distinctive smooth John Hiatt-type vocal. The opener is an optimistic & flexible mainstream/commercial tune that’s well-performed. What’s instantly impressive is the background singers’ finesse. Strong, colorful vocalizing that backs Malone with expertise.” – John Apice

“Good People is yet another feather in Bob’s cap, as he builds a catalog of world-class original music, an increasing “back catalog” of rollickin’ piano blues music awaiting discovery by the new fans each subsequent disc uncovers. Keyboard wizard. Talented songwriter. Voice of a generation. Good People.” – Geoff Wilbur