Top 4 tips to stay sober during the Super Bowl

Blair Wheeler, WUSA 11:14 AM. EST January 31, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the “drunkest” holidays in America. But if you want to stay sober at a Super Bowl party here are the top four tips from local author and blogger Martha Carucci.

1. Immediately get a non-alcoholic drink in your hand

First step to fighting the urge to drink at a party is to drink, but something non-alcoholic of course. Martha says immediately get a non-alcoholic drink in your hand.

2. Try a fun mocktail 

Just because you’re “not drinking” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your beverage. Martha suggests trying a fun mocktail. Her favorite is mixing up a seltzer water with some fruit. But just in case you want to try your hand at mixology here are 30 mocktail recipes from Town and Country Magazine.

3. Be prepared 

If you’re not drinking Martha says you must be prepared to answer the question, “Why aren’t you drinking?”. Whatever your reason for not drinking, if you’re not comfortable here are a few suggestions:

“I’m the designated driver tonight.”

“The medication I’m on doesn’t allow me to drink.”

“No booze is part of my weight loss program.”

4. Enjoy the party 

Martha says most of all, enjoy the party. People want you to have fun at their gatherings. So enjoy the snacks, watch the game and commercials and enjoy.

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