Sobrietease author advises on making mocktails when hosting guests

Throwing a party this Valentine’s Day, or maybe for the Super Bowl? Don’t forget to include festive non-alcoholic drinks. No idea how to make a tasty non-alcoholic drink? Martha Carucci does because she and her friends had mocktail contests when she first started down the path of recovery.

For an alcoholic, big parties are a double-edge sword. How do you maintain friendships and remain social while celebrating with family and friends when you know temptation will be right there? Hosts can help the all-inclusive atmosphere by making sure there are non-alcoholic options available as well as plenty of food to choose from. These simple and thoughtful touches will make everyone feel welcome at your gathering.

To put things in perspective, and to get real about alcohol, talk to Martha Carucci, a self-described soccer mom from Alexandria, Va. who has been sober and laughing at life since 2012.  She doesn’t have a string of letters after her name but she does have a title she’s proud of, Recovering Alcoholic. And she has kept herself sane and sober through laughter. Here she talks with Dee Armstrong on WLTZ in Columbus, Ga about her road to recovery.

Visit Martha’s blog Sobrietease where it all began.

Martha Carucci, author of "Sobrietease"