SALT: The World After Carbon

Caliber Comics Releases New Graphic Novel SALT by Daniel Boyd

Acclaimed filmmaker and award winning graphic novelist Daniel Boyd takes us to the crossroads of faith, for-profit energy extraction, and a power-hungry government in the midst of an apocalyptic event.

2016 Presidential election thoughts

Hi Allen Media Strategies clients and staff…

We have clients and members of our own AMS team who cheered the unexpected election news last night…and others who were very disheartened by the outcome.

For me, last night when I went to bed at 3am, the TV talking heads were lamenting that “World financial markets are in turmoil; the Dow futures are down 600, and it’s getting worse.” It was tempting to lay awake worrying about how this could affect our business and livelihood.

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Bartholomew - book cover

Nasir Shansab: “Bartholomew: Apostle & Visionary”

BARTHOLOMEW, Apostle and Visionary Author: John Chryssavgis Publisher: W Publishing Group The author, John Chryssavgis, is the theological advisor to the 270th Patriarch of the Ancient and Glorious See of […]