Retired Green Beret and author Jason Van Camp on The Adam Carolla Show

Congratulations #JasonVanCamp, AMS client, retired green beret and author of #DeliberateDiscomfort on a fantastic interview on #TheAdamCarollaShow about how getting comfortable with discomfort is the key sometimes. Get a copy of the book at

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Pheonix Oregon: “Streaming Model Helps Independent Film Theater Weather Coronavirus” (KUNM)

  MAR 21, 2020

The popcorn machine is silent in the lobby of the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill. Owner Keif Henley was supposed to show the movie “Phoenix Oregon” over the weekend. But for now, he’s closed.

Movie theaters around New Mexico have shut down in response to a public health order by the governor to halt the spread of coronavirus. For small, independently owned venues, and the films they show, this could be economically devastating.

“Oh, it’s terrible like you’d expect it to be,” Henley says. “You know, we’re not really making much revenue.”

But Levey Distribution and PR, which is distributing “Phoenix, Oregon,” has found a way to help local theaters and independent filmmakers.

Fans can buy tickets online that allow them to stream the film at home. The 20 theaters around the country slated to screen “Phoenix Oregon,” including the Guild, will split the profits with the producers.

“So this is a way of distributors supporting theaters and this is also a way in Phoenix, Oregon’s case of supporting independent cinemas and independent filmmaking,” Henley says.

The film’s director Gary Lundgren says there’s a close relationship between independent filmmakers and small theaters that promote them.

“In our discussions, as these theaters we love started closing we saw the pain it was causing them, and the pain it was causing us,” Lundgren says. “So really it was kind of an easy win-win.”

He’s hopeful they can keep rolling out this model to more theaters.

Henley is talking to other distributors for films he had to cancel to see if they’ll do something similar. But he also hopes when theaters re-open people will come back to watch movies in the dark with friends and neighbors.

“I hope that never goes away,” he says. “I hope that tradition learns to live with the new technologies that are coming out.”

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Veteran Broadcaster Burke Allen Teams with SpeakerMatch To Launch Daily Big Time Talker Podcast

WASHINGTON DC, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2020 ⁨(⁩) — Veteran radio programmer and on-air talent Burke Allen straps on the headphones once again to launch the “Big Time Talker Podcast” starting Monday, March 23rd.

The ‘un-edited, unscripted, no-holds-barred show’ will feature candid conversations with thought leaders, subject matter experts, national entertainers, authors and include listener calls and feedback.

Allen says initial shows will “focus on how we’re all feeling our way through this current COVID-19 challenge, and how to persevere by learning from each other.” “The Big Time Talker Podcast” will stream live each weekday at Noon Eastern time at, and daily episodes will be available for on-demand listening on all leading podcast platforms.

“The Big Time Talker Podcast” will be sponsored in part by SpeakerMatch, the largest online speaker’s bureau in the U.S., based in Austin TX, and by Allen Media Strategies, one of the nation’s most successful media, marketing and public relations agencies, headquartered in Washington D.C. and headed by Allen.

“The Big Time Talker Podcast launch has been in the works for the last few months, but with the recent coronavirus pandemic shifting the way we all work, communicate and consume information, we’ve moved the time frame forward to get the new show launched right away. I’m excited that a veteran talent like Burke Allen will come back to the microphone to talk with thought leaders during this uncharted time in history,” says CEO Bryan Caplovitz.

Allen’s award winning and varied career in broadcasting including on-air, programming and operations posts in markets across the country including Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Savannah, Charleston, Huntington, Roanoke and more. He also served as a broadcast consultant for several years with Alan Burns and Associates prior to moving into station ownership with his Allen Broadcasting Corporation stations in his home state of West Virginia and launching Allen Media Strategies in 2005.

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David Dorsen on MSNBC: Mueller’s Trump probe ‘more serious’ than Nixon

Trump’s White House is reportedly bracing for an onslaught of investigations as lawyers work to prepare for the threats of Mueller’s report and the House investigations. Watergate lawyer, David Dorsen, tells Ari Melber that the probe into the Trump campaign and Russia is “much more serious and potentially damaging to the country”.

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Jason Van Camp on One News Now: Helping vets ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 | J.M. Phelps (

A decorated former Green Beret has dedicated himself and a team of “heroes” to seeing that service members successfully reintegrate into American society after returning from Syria and Afghanistan.

Having been deployed three times to Iraq, Jason Van Camp has become acquainted to life in a war zone. While involved in numerous firefights against the enemy, he witnessed one team member killed in combat and several others wounded.

“My Special Forces team and I have gone through quite a bit,” the former U.S. Army soldier confesses to OneNewsNow.

Van Camp says he has always been intrigued about how differently soldiers process their return and reintegration back into society after serving in a war zone.

“We’ve all seen the same stuff, but some guys have a really hard time with it and some guys don’t,” he observes, then asks: “[But] why does one guy struggle, and another have no issues?”

The three-time Bronze Star recipient admits he falls somewhere in the middle. He is grateful that he’s never been overly distraught — but at the same time, he realizes he’s not the same person he was before he left.

“You can’t ever truly come home again,” Van Camp states, echoing a popular axiom shared among war veterans. “It’s not because your home has changed; it’s because you have.”

He describes his return after his second deployment as “hard” and “weird,” but that it allowed him to solidify that he was, indeed, a “changed person.” On the one hand, he wanted to go back to combat — but on the other, he didn’t.

“I felt like I had a much bigger purpose when I was in combat,” he shares. “I was actually helping people live — saving lives, serving other people.” And the opportunities were plentiful, he adds. But when he returned from combat, he felt like he went from “running a marathon at full sprint to jogging just a slow mile around the track.”

At such times, Van Camp believes a soldier must remember he’s not alone.

“One of the first things you learn in the military is that you’re not alone … you’re not an individual,” he says. “[In fact], you can be part of an entire team of people who have often gone through the same things you have gone through.”

And while support from others is essential in dealing with related struggles, he contends that “if any person — soldier or not — could somehow put his attention on others and shift away from his own struggles, I think he’ll find that it’s an easier way to thrive and survive.”

That’s why upon retiring from the military, Van Camp started a company called Mission Six Zero and surrounded himself with strong leaders — whom he refers to as “heroes.” Together, they put together Deliberate Discomfort,  a leadership book designed for businesses but also a self-improvement book for individuals.

His team’s work focuses on how U.S. Special Operations Forces “overcome fear and dare to win by getting comfortable being uncomfortable” — a mindset he says has to be practiced.

“Discomfort does not need to be negative; it can be a positive thing,” Van Camp stresses.

“For a person to thrive in society — like the one even returning from the world’s war zones — he often has to commit to change,” the author maintains. That person has to be willing to get out of their “safe space,” he adds, and be willing to “confront whatever it is they are afraid of or struggling with.”

While that challenge can be uncomfortable, Van Camp believes it is important to accept the challenge — even when “it may feel miserable.”

“Misery,” he shares, “is suffering without a purpose, while suffering is what we do with a purpose.”

The Army veteran is hopeful the soldiers returning from Syria and Afghanistan find a supportive team and are able to find hope and success in processing their own return and reintegration into society.

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