Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. reunites with Howie Mandel

Or long-time friend and client Landau reunited with Howie Mandel, famous comedian and celebrity judge on America’s Got Talent! Howie was in Ashland, Kentucky, for a comedy tour when Landau got to catch up with the man who started it all for him. Landau is the 2011 AGT winner, having the honor to perform in front of Howie, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne, wowing them in the process! You can see their interaction here: @landaumurphyjr!

Richard V. Battle receives the GOLD Mom’s Choice Award!

Congratulations to our friend and client Richard Battle, who gained back-to-back recognition for his amazing work, receiving the GOLD Mom’s Choice Award! He was given the coveted award for his inspiring story, The Unopened Present, which reveals a father’s love and the unopened present left behind by a life cut short. You can purchase the book if you’re interested linked here: The Unopened Present


Richard V. Battle and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Our friend and client Richard V. Battle was awarded Finalist for his book The Unopened Present. The book won a Finalist under Memoirs (Overcoming Adversity/Tragedy). Many congratulations to him for this accomplishment and many more to come! Read more here: Category Winners and Finalists

Blue Origin’s inspiration from Homer Hickam

Our friend and client Homer Hickam shares an incredible story to WOWKTV 13 about how Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos was inspired by the story of “October Sky,” and how Blue Origin came to be from this incredible story. You can read more here: How a West Virginia story inspired Jeff Bezos to create Blue Origin.

Talent Tips | May 2024